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brandon (notes) sarah (facilitation) chris patrick kendra todd linda


  1. upload file quality
  2. bumps
  3. airtime status
  4. space (e5)
  5. show check-ins
  6. news
  7. retreat
  8. equipment
  9. pre-recorded material
  10. editing
  11. media

Upload File Quality

  • brandon: the quality of the news show this morning uploaded was too poor. Upload files should be higher quality.
  • sarah: we should have a standard file quality
  • our standard will be 44,000Hz, 192kbps, mp3
  • todd can write up some documentation for audacity and the adobe products he uses


  • brandon: we need to standarize how bumps are handled in files
  • station id's shoud be edited into files which are longer than 30.00 minutes
  • bumps should be no longer than 15.0 seconds
  • sarah: radiodaddy.com it's a free professional voiceover service

Airtime Status

  • airtime should be set by monday
  • hopefully we can have some kind presentation on monday's meeting

space (e5)

  • sarah: suerin (the e5 director) is out of town, but they've offered us some space. We have a meeting at e5 on Monday at 5PM to see the space and see what we can work out.

show check-ins

  • sarah: theology in action is Wed. at 8PM. David is good to go.
  • sarah: raymond would like to do the ao again. it doesn't have to be on fridays, but it will be ready to go by then.
  • sarah: sage has been working on his show with tracy
  • sarah: angela is working with tracy on her show as well
  • brandon: tracy still hasn't heard back from democracy now
  • sarah: eco shock is a prerecorded show which wants to get broadcast
  • sarah: poety submissions (for a show for linda or for little bits)
  • brandon: tracy also has a lead with a marxistvegan's podcast
  • sarah: I'll set up a project specifically for podcasts to be syndicated
  • patrick: has a show on the issue of casino gambling. chris can produce this show for now.
  • sarah: I'll produce linda's show for now, unless somebody else steps up.
  • sarah: [redacted]
  • sarah: brandon, can you get in touch with grainne about b the revolutionary
  • sarah: noah is interested in doing a town hall show
  • matt: some negative feedback about the level of seriousness of the show. too bad.
  • matt: I launched a show in basecamp called "Quick Peeks" made for short 5 minutes interfiews with people to give us some filler content to use.


  • todd: we did a news show!
  • todd: I think the current plan is fridays, repeating once or twice through the weekend.
  • todd: I'd like everybody, on basecamp, there's a whiteboard under news called "show rundown", split up into four or five sections. If you have news updates please include it in the whiteboard there.
  • todd: if you want to write something for it, go right ahead. two or three short paragraphs. the five w's.
  • sarah: we've been in touch with the occupier. they've been in touch with us about collaborating.
  • sarah: anybody want to be another announcer with todd
  • linda & brandon will do friday the 3rd's show. news from thus 26th - thus 2nd


  • sarah: hey guys, retreat! the places that had space are way to expensive. we can use my house. I can do it next weekend, but not the following weekend.
  • sarah: we need documentation for all the IT stuff and what we've decided for procedures. chris will help with that.
  • linda: it'd be nice to have a manual for the entire operation
  • sarah: I contacted emerson, but that haven't contacted me back yet to help with training


  • linda: I'd like to have a microphone for my phone, so I can go out on the road to do an interview.
  • linda: the art institute says we can use their studio & equipment
  • matt: maybe we should use the money we've allocated for the hotstop to something else
  • we're going to not purchase the hotspot and reallocate the money for recorders

pre-recorded material

  • sarah: we have a ton of pre-recorded material. would somebody keep tabs on this stuff, archiver? Everything that's ready to be edited has gone to the editing project on basecamp. Everything that's like "we're so-and-so and would like to collaborate" has gone to outreach. Kendra can help with this.
  • sarah: I'm going to make up a list of steps to take in contacting other radio shows.
  • sarah: we want to make sure we have people sign releases.


  • lets set aside at least twenty minutes for how we're going to handle the copyrights that we own.


  • raymond & brandon have had some conversations about how editing should procede.
  • Sarah: I'll repost raymond & brandon's notes and we need to have a conversation about how this is going to heppen.


  • Chris is going to go to a twitter working group meeting, where they're producing some standards for tweeting.
  • We should be tweeting more frequently.
  • brandon: can we setup an automatic twitter system to announce upcoming shows?
  • we need to utilize Facebook
  • we need to work on the website
  • let's change the IRC applet on the page to a twitter stream