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Draft minutes from the Radio meeting 1/9/12

Attendees Tracy Chris Matt Brandon Michael Sage Todd Sarah




  • Tracy
  • Chris
  - NH was cool
 - 200 people in rally outside debate
  • Matt
  - tech training last Sunday,
 - Katherine took notes for documentation
 - Brandon moving airtime from personal server to mayfirst.org
  • Brandon
  - running on fumes
  • Michael
  - production, training for programming
 - exercise and test for broadcast Tuesday at 5:00 at E5
 - outreach is more difficult than expected
 - will reach out to media on Wednesday
 - T service cuts : what can radio do to highlight the issue and get message out?
  • Sage
  - Wants to do show related to economics
 - Tracey will be producer
  • Todd
  - first meeting, no updates
  • Sarah
  - learned BUTT
 - beginning producer training
 - few people at producer workshop
 - Stacey : outreach to community radio
 - Kevin : radio show on labor, very organized


  • Tracy
  - news on (can't read my writing "Wortdy"?)
 - GBot & B the Revolutionary on Monday
  • Chris
  - History with Todd
 - Kevin would like weekend slot for labor show
  • Matt
  - Robin show Friday AM
 - Out of town Wed, Thu
 - Outreach to Monica Poole
 - Taking over Linda's show?
  • Brandon
  - will do tech parts of production
  • Michael
  - news exercise tomorrow (Tues 1/10, 5:00 at E5)
 - hoping for schedule [not enough programming for strict schedule, only provisional]
 +- reconcile mailing list with programing ideas on basecamp ACTION: Chris, Matt, Sarah, Brandon
  • Sage
  • Todd
  - Made contact with Ashely Sanders for interview re: article at WarisACrime.org about Populist movement of early 1900s.
 - Other show ideas listed on basecamp
 - Will coordinate with Chris for production
 - would like feature on OPitt's eviction of Mellon Bank, will coordinate with news
 - Needs ob.org e-mail address for future contacts
  • Sarah
  - Theology in action (Live) Wed @ 7:00
 - Kevin : labor show (Live)
 - Ren : women & houseless "occupy conversations" (Live)
 - Brenden : news behind the news (recorded)
 - Zoe : no one is quite sure (Live, mixed)
 - Katherine : environment (Live)
 - Beth : Wed @ 8:00 or Friday (TBD) : live music peformance
 +- how to mic, where to do, can't really at E5? If Wed, at Sarah's house, else at E5


  • how to get from program idea to scheduled program. Discussion resulted in:
  1) Have developed show host go to meeting to scheduling block
 2) Producer approves
 3) Producer tells timeslot to Program Schedule Dept
 4) PDS slotting
 5) PDS confirms timeslot to producer & communications

Pre-recorded show will follow same procedure with required 96-hour time lag from 2 through 5.

Remaining agenda was postponed.



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