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     Chorus 2:</pre>
     Chorus 2:</pre>
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Bechtel and the MBTA

Let me tell you the story
Of a man named Charlie
     G  		D
On a tragic and fateful day
He put his card in his pocket,
Kissed his wife and family
        G           D G
Went to ride on the MTA

Chorus 1:
    Did he ever return,
    No he never returned
            G               D
    And his fate is still unlearn'd
    He may ride forever
    'neath the streets of Boston
             G       D           G
    He's the man who never returned.

Charlie swiped his card
At the Kendall Square Station
And he changed for Jamaica Plain
When he got there they said,
"There's been a fare hike."
and he could not get off that train.

    Chorus 1:

Now all night long
Charlie rides through the tunnels
Saying, "What will become of me?
How can I afford to see
My sister in Chelsea
Or my cousin in Roxbury?" 

    Chorus 1:

Now I'll tell you a story
about the Big Dig Tunnel
And the tragic and fateful way
How a crooked highway project
Came to rob every family
Who rides on the MBTA

There were problems with the project
No one watched the corporations
The cost spun out of control
In the state house they had meetings
With the bankers they were scheming
How to get rich 'n have their way

Chorus 2:
    We will never be burned
    We will never be turned
    To a world without the T
    We will ride forever 
    'neath the streets of Boston
    Public trains they oughta be free.

Bechtel did the job
While the poor working slob
Paid for all their mistakes
The highway its leaking
The people be freakin
Since they billed the MBTA

    Chorus 2:

Enough is enough
The people are saying
Don't you take the busses away
Your games aint a-working
And we aint a-takin
No more cuts to the MBTA

    Chorus 2:

Now you citizens of Boston
Don't you think its a scandal
That people have to pay and pay
While the banks get bailed out 
The riders get sold out
No more cuts to the MBTA

    Chorus 2: