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User:Mcktimo is Tim McKenna. You can contact me by clicking on 'email this user' on the left lower menu.

Democracy based upon an informed public acting in its own interest can wrest control of the USA from the 1%

My interests in Occupy Boston are to be involved in facilitating an open exchange of ideas, to help in the creation of a vibrant community. Success to me is measured in how long we can maintain this community and how big we can grow it.

wikis as transformative technology

I have been using wikis for the last 6 years as a way to help kids learn to critically think and find their voices as writers.
Education reform is generally a top-down process that is rather formulaic. Technologies like a wiki can help to turn that on its head. Each student can control their own set of pages and use them to collect interesting ideas and bits that they can use in more ambitious writing projects. Students can always see each other's work. They are models for each other. Writing becomes an extension of who you are, students are interested in what other students write and think about their writing.
I taught for 6 years. For four years I taught seniors a Humanities 12 class that explored the literature and ideas and history of the World from ~1500 to the present.
For the last two years I have taught sophomores a Humanities 10 class concentrating on the US from Antebellum times through the Great Migration. Juniors studied America from Reconstruction til today in a class concentrating on essential questions Humanities 11 class

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Right now I am interested in making the transformation from wikispace to here as seamless as possible. To that end I have been working on scripts to move over the discussion threads to their associated pages here. DONE

I am looking for a job

Here is my resume.

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