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Hi everyone!! The new email adress has some technical difficluties, so this email acocunt ( ) will be used untill we can work with tech to get our email working.

Notes from 11/11/11

-Speeches to be performed on the subway will be discussed on Monday, we can decide then on which ones we want to prepare for performance

-Jeff From Bread and puppet Theater of Vermont annouced that his group wants to come to Occupy Boston On MOnday November 26th around 2pm. They want to perofrm a Consistory, whoch is a peermoance art that expresses news and idea. It is a concept found throughout history, and invlovles multiple skits and some prop work to express differnet things.

+ They also hope to hole a workshop where they can assist Occupy Boston in making a Consistory.

-Deborah would like to begin the process of writing a documentary play about Occupy Boston. This is a play a lot like the Laramie project, where different characters are presented through monologues. We hope to gather many people from the encampment and begin the process of interviewing, getting stories, and planning how they can be performed. We will have our first meeting with anyone who wants to be involved Friday.

-Our Monday meeting is being moved to 1PM so that we can field trip out to a local church where there is a rehearsal/gathering space for us as well as a stockpile of puppets and/or masks for us to play with.


Notes from 10/31/2011

don't forget to look at the discussion tab above for more ideas.

Flash Mob Ideas


+performing externally

Someone was rumored to have taken quotes from occupy to write a play offsite, much like our occuplay

We could Marry people off to corporations as a form of Guerilla Theater (Occupy Worcester is doing just this on November 5th in front of the state house FYI)

At Bruins games we could have a Occupation game in the parking lot outside of the stadium

We could write a skit for you tube and to be performed about a group of friends that decide to use the consensus process

+To get Pizza

+Tell Media about this

+it could be improved

Collaborate with Free School University about educating people about theater movement

+Theater of the Oppressed

+Social Movement theater

+Audience involvement

Where could we perform different acts

+At the Boston public Library, they do not require a permit

+Quincy Market, which may require a permit but occupy boston often dosent aquire required permits/We may only need a permit if we raise $$

Live Statues

+Set up 10 chairs to represent wealth in America

+8 represent 1%ers

+2 represent 99%

+have 2 people sit in 8 chairs, 8 people sit in two chairs

+Have 3 or 4 people from street theater run the event, and the rest are audience volunteers

Re-imagined Speeches

+Have many people memorize certain parts of a speech

+ Martian Luther King, Malcolm x, Presidents from America

Marry people to ATM machines

+As a form of Gorilla Theater

+Will we get arrested?

+We can then divorce them

+we can have ministers perform the act, anyone can get a 1 day ministering pass from the government


+ Improvisation workshops

+Perform our favorite TV shows we have not been watching because we've been here

+Perform a occupy sitcom

Shakespeare at Occupy

+10 minute versions of Shakespeare mashed with occupy stuff

+Henry V , Titus Androgynous, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth night, Merchant of Venice, Macbeth

Other Play writes and plays to consider

+Clifford Odets and Waiting for Lefty

+David Mamet/ Very Cerebral and good for camp humor

+3 mad monkeys in a room

+David Clues

Should we try and perform for schools?

+a lot goes into building a relationship with a school

+after school programs are easier to work with

Should we use Directors for projects?

+IT would be Helpful

+Improv makes process completely transparent

+maybe on a skit to skit basis


+Put energy into live statue performance involving chairs and live volunteers

+it will be this Wednesday at . Our volunteers will meet at 3:30 at Ghandi, we will set up for 4 and perform until 5 or 5:30 or whenever we feel it is right.

+We will bring skits or performance ideas to the meeting on Friday,a dn possibly move forward with a couple performance Street Theater Pieces

That is all the notes, our next meeting is fFiday at 4pm.

Notes From 10/28/2011

The topics we covered were as followed

We want to write comedic skits that have a satirical viewpoint of Society. They will address seriouis problems written by Occupiers

+performed both internally and externally


+get our message across

+Also raise Money

+could hold sessions outside Occupy at places like Harvard Square or South Station



+People dressed up in business suits stripping as they walk


+Veterans Marching to Snare Drums

+We need to contact DA about this idea


+a longer piece performed internally around thanksgiving or Christmas

+written by Occupiers

+deal with camp life and characters


-bring different skits Monday that we will decide to take on for a shorter term performance

-Shakespeare at occupy for our first performance

-Pefroemd within the next two weeks

-Have weekly performances

That ends our notes from the Meeting

There are a few announcements

ON Sunday November 6th There will be a general Art show to be put on by the Arts and Culture working Group Here at OB. They are looking for volunteers to help out setting up and running the event. LETS SHOW SOLIDARITY WITH OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE OCCUPATION and help out with some art!!