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Market economy

user:OccupyReality Today 11:48 am

You want to demand a lower cost of living? This is a market economy, and unless you plan to change that (which would have vanishingly small support), you're not going to get price controls on everything. And the flip side is, businesses need to make money.

I think there is a case to be made in higher education and health care for pushing for lower costs - those are fundamental services that have risen faster than general inflation for 50 years.

re: Market economy

--Khill 12:40, 6 November 2011 (EST) Health care costs have risen so much because of the rise in health care outcomes. 50 years ago any form of cancer was a death sentence, and life expectancy was ~ 16% lower than it was now according to Data 360. As we push the limits of biology each added year of life expectancy will get harder, not easier.

Education is tricker without clear real limiting factors, but Community college in Boston costs roughly the same % of minimum wage as the anecdote on the main page. Whatever the reason for the increase in University tuition, it will be subtle and impossible to fix by setting prices.

Land-value property tax,

user:bdkg Thursday, 8:20 am

any link on this topic


user:bdkg Wednesday, 3:30 am

To do this we need to loosen regulation for smaller, business start up costs, workplace regulations, and financial assistance, that are scaled for small businesses. At the same time larger enterprises need to have regulations tightened in order to ensure that they act in the public interest and and in the interest of all stake holders