Creative Actions and Subversive Arts

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CASA is a group for artists and non-artists alike who want to engage in creative projects within Occupy Boston.

Next meeting: In the works!

Next event: In the works!

Mailing list: Click here for sign-up information.

Ongoing Projects

Tiny Tents Task Force

We make and distribute tiny tents to spaces in need of Occupations. All welcome -- join us! All you need to do is to build a tiny tent, and hide it where you'd like. 
You can also:

Upcoming Projects

2/12 The International Day of Creative Action

An in-progress Artist Lecture Series 

People's Tours

The Boston area has a rich history of contested spaces, important protests, and shady corporations. People's Tours will give a series of free public tours that explore these different areas and issues. Some walking tours will explore neighborhoods that hosted historic protests (such as the South End). Others will look at contested developments (such as hazardous waste sites). Still others will examine contested businesses (such as the financial industry);

Past Projects

OPERATION WOOF was a Doggie Rally in Support of Occupy the Courts Jan. 20, 2012 at Boston Federal Courthouse Fan Pier (Does anyone have photographs? Email them to!)

Other Occupy Boston Arts & Design Resources


Here would be a good place to store useful information like which print shops have printers that will not scale your print jobs properly, links to articles and documents with interesting facts to share with the world, and so on.

Local Art Groups & Spaces

The Institute for Infinitely Small Things - A group that has been making art about political and social "tiny things" for more than a decade. Is involved with the tiny tents task force, and has done other projects about & with occupy.

Platform2 - "Platform2 is an experimental event series that sits somewhere between a classroom, community organizing, and 1960s happenings."

sprout & co. - "is a community education and research organization devoted to creating and supporting the community-driven learning, teaching, and investigation of science. We're united by a passion to reclaim science as a richly personal and creative craft. Through our PROGRAMS & STUDIOS, we're working to make our vision real in Somerville."; journal of art and activism.