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Occupy Boston Faith and Spirituality Working Group

Uniting the 100%


Details for the first meeting of 2012
What: Faith and Spirituality Working Group Meeting
When: Sunday, January 8th, 2p-4p
Where: Arlington Street Church (Arlington St. and Boylston St., at the corner of the Boston Public Garden, Arlington T Stop)
Please RSVP to

The Dewey Square encampment is no more.  We've lost our Sacred Space tent, to which so many of you contributed your positive intentions and prayers and where so many enjoyed and offered workshops, services and discussions on everything from Bible studies to Kundalini meditations.   Although the structure itself is now gone, the Sacred Space we built together still persists in some form, as its impacts continue to ripple and be felt through our community and movement

The Occupy Boston Faith and Spirituality is continuing to organize into 2012!  We will continue to manifest new ways to help keep the Occupy Boston movement rooted in LOVE. 

What do you want to see the Faith and Spirituality Group do in 2012?   We want to hear from you!

Here are just a few of the ideas that have been tossed around on the Facebook group and the  Universal One Healing online forum:

ongoing workshops/services at a location accessible to Occupy Boston community
organized volunteer/charity work
visiting each others places of worship
spoken word events
mobile altar at OB events
distribute “occupy your heart” stickers!
open meditation at Arlington Street Church
synchronized meditations/visualizations people can join from anywhere!

These are just a few ideas that have been presented!  What else do you want to see happen or which of these ideas do want to help manifest?  If you would like to be part of these efforts, please follow the below links to get plugged into the group.  We need your energy and good ideas!

With Love, Hope and Gratitude,

The Occupy Boston Faith and Spirituality Working Group

Getting Connected:

To contact organizers of the group, email spiritual[at]occupyboston[dot]org

To join the mailing list visit

All members can post to the list by emailing spiritual[at]

The facebook group is still our primary venue for communication

We are in the process of transitioning to using The Universal One Healing website, which has many enhanced communication features

You can view a reference guide for joining the UOH group page, here:

Holy Mess: Faith and Spirituality at Occupy Boston (student documentary)

For seventy days and nights, activists occupied a patch of greenway in the heart of downtown Boston's financial district, as part of the global Occupy movement. In this encampment, a community of faith and spirituality took root, in prayer and worship, meditation and yoga, communion and conversation. This documentary provides an interfaith space for the voices of "Protest Chaplains," prophets and solutionaries,a poet-evangelist, and many others.

Occupy Love - A film that captures the global (r)evolution of compassion in action.

Occupy Love will be a moving, transformative feature documentary that asks the question: how are the economic and ecological crises we are facing today a great love story?  Award-winning director Velcrow Ripper with co-producers Ian MacKenzie and Greg Hill.

The Occupy Boston Faith and Spirituality Group seeks to establish an atmosphere of inclusiveness and peace in the environment of Occupy Boston. Its members are committed to welcoming all individuals, while promoting and cultivating the diversity that exists between various religious, faith, and spiritual traditions. Through the establishment of the Sacred Space tent, the group provides participants with a place to decompress in the midst of a chaotic and sometimes stressful atmosphere. Its members are here to serve participants in roles such as facilitators, spiritual guides and mediators. Through the scheduling of workshops, ceremonies, spiritual practices and religious services, the group not only seeks to provide participants with vital opportunities for spiritual growth but it also hopes to cultivate increased awareness and participation in Occupy Boston on the part of the local spiritual community. All are welcome in the group and encouraged to join in the community that we've established at Dewey Square!


Meetings will resume in the new year. 

Please contact to get in touch with the group.

Working Group Meeting Notes (old)

Schedule of Events!

We need your help caring for our Sacred Space!
Please sign up to be a Sacred Space Host! Stop by the tent to sign up.
What does it mean to be a Sacred Space Host? Here's a description of the responsibilities. It's a great chance to contribute to the community and take time to recharge in a comfortable and grounding space!

Sacred Space Needs:
a more robust (and warm) structure!
pallets to get us off the ground
white sage

Check out pictures of the Sacred Space at Dewey Square,here.
If you have any other photos, we would love to have them!  please email spiritual[at]


Sacred Space Guidelines

The Faith and Spirituality Group has adopted the following guidelines for use of the Sacred Space these guidelines are posted at both entrances to the space

Respect others and the space
Remove shoes
Finish food outside
Be mindful when speaking: words carry vibration so please keep it positive!
Minimize conversations (unless otherwise agreed) and limit cellphone use/texting, etc.
Bring items to help co-create this sacred space!
(tapestries, pieces of nature, incense, photos, totems, other beautiful/sacred objects)
Do not leave personal items in the space. Anything left is to be considered an offering to the space.
*So as to provide access to the space, no more than 3 people, including host, should sleep in the space, and only between the hours of midnight and 8:30 am, or at the discretion of the Host.

Occupy Together - Creating Sacred Space at your local Occupation - Resource Packet

Essays and Words: Faith and Spirituality at OccupyBoston

Based on: Faith and Spirituality at wikispaces