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The Boston Police Patrolmens Association Newsletter called [Pax Centurion] has a history of abusive, racist, sexist language. For decades, activists, have complained about the practice of allowing public officials to use this type of language in an official capacity. Recently Occupy Boston activists started writing letters pressuring officials to put a stop to it. The effort has included successfully pressuring sponsors to drop their advertising in the newsletter. The Police Chief has said he doesn't like what's written, but noticeably hasn't disciplined the officer.

The newsletters have been taken offline or made "password protected". But we suspect that the practices continue behind close doors. You can see the newsletters using the link below.

Upcoming Meeting to Talk about Police Discrimination and Abuse

This page is NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. But it's being kept for historical purposes. For tactical updates, see the[Clean Up BPPA website]

Pax Centurion Newsletters

[Pax Centurion Newsletters Pheonix Archive] See for yourself the actual newsletters

See Examples of Pax Centurion Verbal Abuses

From JanFeb 2012 Issue:

"I saw a fat woman wearing a fur coat, and one of those stupid animal hats. I thought she was a bear and shot her."

"I would wager that your average Boston police officer has more brains than, say, your average journalist or cartoonist."

See more examples:

[Pheonix Picks the Worst of Pax Centurion]

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Boston Police Department Response

[Police Department issues "no apology"]

Pax Centurion Action Resources

[Clean Up BPPA Direct Action Team] who is getting sponsors to withdraw advertising funds.

[List of Pax Centurion Sponsors and Contact Info] so you can write to sponsors that you do business with in the hopes of cleaning up the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association

[Sample Letters to write to sponsors and your legislators]

Clean Up BPPA Tracking Site with list of sponsors and status of their newsletter sponsorship, financial disclosures for BPPA and other resources

Bil Lewis Letter and Pax Centurion Editor Response

Bil Lewis Letter to Newspapers

[Bil Lewis Facebook Page]

Police Behavior/Integrity Resources

Boston Police Department Integrity Policy

[20/20 Report on: Police Privilege and code of Silence]

Recent Pax Centurion Press

Boston Globe Article July 6 2012 Union Reps asking Pax Centurion editor to resign

Boston Herald Pax Centurion Article June 28 2012

Pax Centurion Pheonix Coverage July 9

[Pax Centurion WBUR Interview]

[WHDH article, Simmons College/Lojack/Harpoon Brewery pulled their sponsorship of the newsletter] And Police Chief admonishes the newsletter...(but noticeably stops short of disciplining the officer)

[Mom rips Pax Centurion editor over personal insults]

[The Boston Phoenix Ponders why police do business with wife of convicted felon and where does that money go anyway]

Historical Pax Centurion Press

See what activists have been saying for decades.

[Boston Globe article from 2010]

[Blackstonian article from 2011]

[During the Anti-Busing actions of the 1980s]

Interesting Pax Centurion Financial Analysis Who gets the 77% Commission?]]

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