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This page exists in order to demonstrate Solidarity with the Global Movement.

Non-Occupation Solidarity:

We need to start listing the support of various labor organizations. It might be nice to keep track. Should we separate between endorsements and Solidarity?

1199 SEIU
AFL-CIO Offers its Full Support for Occupy Boston
Boston Taxi Drivers Association
Greater Boston Labor Council & G.B.L.C- Futures
I.B.E.W. 103
I.B.E.W. 2222 (Verizon)
Jobs With Justice
Local #7 Ironworkers
SEIU 509
SEIU 615
United Steelworkers 8751 Boston School Bus Drivers

The Massachusetts Teachers Association Supports Occupy Boston
MA Nurses Association Show Solidarity With Occupy Boston
National Association of Social Workers' Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Movement!
Unite Here Local #26

HealthJustice Boston

Occupation Solidarity:

Occupy Boston's Statement of Solidarity
Occupy the Hood and Occupy Boston Statement of Solidarity

List of Occupation URLs (This list is extensive - many links are Facebook groups)

Boston Area:


[Labor Delegate: Occupy Boston

Boston Food Not Bombs







Based on: Solidarity at wikispaces