Suggestions for New Occupies

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This page is to store ideas/links/resources that might be useful for groups starting up. Whether you're forming an Occupy HomeTown, or a working group focused on a particular topic, hopefully this page is useful for you.

If you just want to "camp" or take "physical occupation" of a public space, here is a useful link to ["How to Take the Square"]. Also see video on [how to start a nonviolent revolution].

The following are suggestions on how to start an Occupy-type protest/activist group.

If you go to the Participate Page, you'll see some general tips for all newcomers. The Occupy 101 presentation is a basic primer. There's a one page flyer that some of us pass out to new or potential members.

Join this list for national announcements: See to request a call or special announcement

Join this list for Occupy Boston announcements:

Feel free to write to any of the Working Groups. You may want your group's members to explore the Group page to see what Occupy Boston groups are doing. You may find that you have a lot in common with their work and you may want to coordinate/merge or just stay in touch. You may also find that you want to start up a new working group, either in your locality or with Occupy Boston. If you do, please write to:, for instructions. Or just show up at a General Assembly and announce your new working group. Usually 30-50 people show up at a General Assembly, but sometimes there are over 100. So come talk to us!

See the Working Group list to see other towns that have established links in this wiki. They are listed under "O". There's the Occupy the Burbs group that meets in Newton/Needham. Occupy Arlington Occupy Lexington And Occupy Jamaica Plain. And many more! Facebook is a good way to meet other Occupies in Massachusetts.

Occupy the Burbs

There's also a MassOccupy list on Google:

We have people that can come and visit your group or talk to you on the phone if you want guidance or ideas.

Above all, have fun! We are all being "called to action"...and we're all in this together!