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Clean water's a good start but insufficient

user:chucklevin Oct 18, 2011 8:15 pm

Let us not fail to seize the moment to break down the utterly artificial barrier between the economy and the environment. The plutocracy has forever acted as though they are independent of each other with the economy always taking precedence. Most of us in the 99% know better. We live on a finite planet with finite resources, and the economy grows only as they are depleted.

Hence, we must redefine the terms of the debate. Clean water is vital for a quality human life. So is clean air and preservation of biodiversity, which is aided through protection of open space, designation of Wilderness areas, and observance of "smart growth" strategies that strive to minimize our impact - reduce our footprint - on our land. We must maintain large-scale life processes at the landscape level. Social justice and environmentalism are, at the core, one and the same, and must be joined in this movement!!

So please, as we are so bravely insisting on reformulating how our structural systems work, let us insist on a new Order concerning the protection, observance, and respect for the landscape that harbors us - one species - and millions of our non-human brethren.

Define Clean Water as a Right

user:terrawiki Oct 14, 2011 9:16 pm

The idea is to agree on something "basic", fundamental. If we agree on "that". Then move on and define things like:

- what is "clean" - how much per person (does it have limits) - how to measure