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Files to move occupyboston wiki from the to

Files are also at

These two scripts by User:Matt get most of the work done:
translates each page.
Usage:<occupyboston>% perl ../ Education >../obout/Education
turns a directory of translated pages into MW import file
Usage:<obout>% pperl ../ >obXML/mw.xml

TO Move Discussion pages:

Wikispace discussion pages don't show up in the export. Pages with discussion pages have a topics page with links to another page containing the discussion on that topic. So each wiki page might have multiple topics in discussion and multiples posts comprising each topic.

Mediawiki also has discussion pages but each topic is put under its own ==heading== so all the discussion for a page are contained in one page.

looks through directory of wiki pages, identifies which have discussion section and assembles discussions into a discussion page on mediawiki, creating an xml import file.
usage:<ob>% php discussgrab2.php >obout/obXML/dis.xml
obout <dir>
contains (some test) page files that have been translated with
occupyboston <dir>
the export of wikispaces

test page


If you hit the discussion tab you can see how the discussion pages of wikispaces are translated