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In the interest of organization and consistency, OBIT suggests using the following system to organize the wiki.  If any individuals or groups would like assistance or training in the operation of the wiki, or following these guidelines, OBIT will be happy to help.


For every page, please provide the following:

  • Proper page name for navigation - see the Naming Tree (next section)
  • Objective language - see Wikipedia's Point of View and Wikipedia Is Not
  • Introductory paragraph/sentence to explain existence/function of the page
  • Simple formatting, with short headings - mimic the format of nearly any wikipedia page

Naming Tree

All working groups should have their main page located at 'WG/groupname', and all internal group pages should be located at 'WG/groupname/pagename'.  This is to assure that pages are easily identified with the working groups which created them.

As an example, here is the layout of OBIT's pages:

  • WG/OBIT/todo
  • WG/OBIT/Wikispaces_Migration
  • WG/OBIT/Mediawiki_Organization

An argument against the naming tree -Mcktimo 00:53, 23 October 2011 (EDT)

A proposed draft help file -Mcktimo 00:53, 23 October 2011 (EDT)

[the following is directly copied and needs to be edited regarding new host]

  • Etiquette should require no more mention than this.
  • Before you begin editing, please quickly browse the navigation bar on the left to get a feel for the structure of our wiki.
  • Internal links are like red blood cells and nerve endings.
    • Consider the many paths by which collaborators and visitors may explore the wiki, and try to create a network with many 'nerve endings.'
  • Regarding Discussion:
    • Every page has its own Discussion! Make sure to post on the relevant page.
    • The Discussion is meant to house conversation between members.
      • Please add comments to existing discussions - that's why they're there!
      • Conversation is greatly aided by query; Where there is a question, there shall become an answer.
  • Making a LARGE contribution?
    • Are you posting a document that is hosted only on your personal computer?
      • Please do not create a new page or a new Discussion topic to 'host' a text.
      • Please click on 'Manage Wiki' in the top of the navigation bar, then under Content click on 'Files.' Here you can upload documents from your computer, and then revert to the next step:
    • Are you posting text, video, or audio that is already hosted online?
      • Please post a link and a short description on the appropriate existing page (often in the Media section).
  • Please note the large number of pages that already exist! Your contribution might be best hosted on an existing page.
  • Adding Notes
    • Notes about format and language often belong right on the page.
    • Notes should be in brackets and announced. [Note: This is an example of a note.]

Thank you for reading!