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Oct 19 2011

9:00 PM in IRC

WB/OBIT/LOGS/19 October Meeting Raw IRC Log


1. How we schedule meetings

[21:11] <brandon> There's been some confusion about meeting times and places, as well as a disconnect between irc and the mailing list

[21:12] <brandon> it seems like some people prefer to communicate on the ML, and others on IRC, which is fine. except when a meeting time is proposed on irc it doesn't get to the ML right away and vice versa

Idea of regular evening chat meetings is proposed.

[21:15] <brandon> whenever a time for a meeting is proposed it should be simultaneously posted to the ML, IRC, and on the wiki (the new one)

[21:17] <brandon> please update meeting times on the wiki at wiki.occupyboston.org

2. Scheduling the wiki transition

[21:20] <brandon> ok, so matt is working on the script to import the content from the old wiki to the new one

[21:20] <brandon> it should be done tomorrow or the next day

[21:20] <brandon> so I would like to setup a timeframe for freezing the old wiki, and having the new one ready to go

[21:22] <MK|Home> For now we should at least post a notification that it is moving so no one is surprised

[21:28] <lovec_> there's a meatspace conversation at the same time...

[21:28] <brandon> we propose freezing the old wiki sunday morning, and doing the transition to the new wiki sunday

[21:29] <brandon> MK|Home, solidstate: can you guys take point on putting up notifications on the old wiki? A banner at the top would be best?

[21:30] <brandon> mcktimo: the script works with minimal bugs now, it'll be better by the weekend

[21:34] <brandon> mcktimo: accounts on the new wiki don't need to be verified by an admin like on wikispaces

[21:36] <brandon> the proposal as it stands: freeze wikispaces sunday morning, perform migrantion on sunday, have new wiki ready by Monday. MK|Home, solidstate, will take point on leaving notifications on old wiki. Any questions/objections?

[21:40] <brandon> ok, we have consensous

3. Coordinating with other groups

[21:47] <MK|Home> So, there is a group called "Liaisons" intended to connect working groups together. I'd be willing to volunteer to be a representative for that, but I am offsite most weeknights

[21:47] <brandon> MK|Home: there is a group which met monday, now called Transparency (#OBTransparency) which is dealing with this

[21:47] <Theresa> Liaison meets Sunday usually

[21:48] <Theresa> tomorrow at 9 I believe

[21:48] <gregg> there is actually an organizational group

[21:48] <gregg> that has met once already

[21:48] <brandon> right, so inter group communication is taken care of by them now

[21:48] <gregg> they are working on intergroup comunication and work-flow

4. Ticket System

[21:54] <brandon> so right now there is trac setup

[21:54] <brandon> I personally think that's overkill

<matt2> I'm not in favor of trac personally as it just seems kind of big and unwieldly.

[21:56] <bill_kirtley> ticketing systems are good for following history and status of an issue, with particular attention to who is responsible at the moment

[21:56] <brandon> should we vote on trac vs. redmine?

[21:57] <farmerbob> jira is okay. but it's a java app on tomcat/jetty...kind of a pain of we don't already have java apps.

[21:57] <MachineRebel_> bettermeans.org just went open source

[21:59] <gregg> ticket/issue tracking mostly

[22:00] <siegfail|Logistics> Inventory tracking would be cool too

[22:00] <leftyfb> should it be worth noting the system should have a mobile component as well so it actually gets used?

[22:01] <leftyfb> +1 inventory tracking

[22:01] <matt2> +1 to mobile

[22:02] <MK|Home> Are we moving away from hosted and owning all our systems?

[22:02] <gregg> MK|Home: indeed

[22:02] <matt2> -1 to hosted

[22:03] <brandon> so, there is a trac install up. we can try to get that set with mobile and see what happens

[22:02] <siegfail|Logistics> The idea is that anyone, especially newer people, can jump on and see what needs to be done. It would also help to keep track of efficiency

[22:03] <MK|Home> Are we backing up?

[22:03] <brandon> MK|Home: mayfirst backs up daily

[22:04] <matt2> I would like to make sure that features of trac that overlap other things-- wiki for instance -- get highlighted LOUDLY as not to be used for non tracking stuff.

[22:04] <brandon> matt2: a very good point

[22:05] <matt2> +1 to disabling confusable features

[22:07] <siegfail|Logistics> We'd keep track of stuff that needs to be done, people to call back, inventory, todo's, lost & found items

[22:08] <bill_kirtley> I do see a redmine mobile plugin: https://projects.littlestreamsoftware.com/projects/redmine-mobile - no clue how good

[22:08] <siegfail|Logistics> We would have a logistics computer here at the tent but sometimes we're out of the tent and it would be awesome to start a ticket out in "the field".

[22:11] <siegfail|Logistics> We're looking for a glorified todo/tracking system with logs so we can review what and how we're doing.

[22:12] <brandon> that sounds like something you can do with a wiki

[22:12] <brandon> on the wiki you have revision hsitory, watchlists, etc

[22:12] <farmerbob> mediawiki has features that would make using it this way pretty doable.

[22:14] <gregg> I've updated the livestream page on the blog, it now embeds the current livestream and the library of all the old ones and the chat box

[22:17] <gregg> would anyone have a problem with me adding in google analytics?

[22:18] <cykros> though, personally, I also block google analytics anyway. :shrug:

[22:18] <gregg> we could use piwik then

[22:20] <brandon> proposal: we will modify trac to simplify it as much as possible, and can use that as an issue tracking system

[22:21] <MK|Home> +1 trac. Can we re-evaulate in a week if there are issues?

[22:21] <Theresa> +1 and +1 to re-evaluate in a week if there are issues

[22:21] <brandon> ok. addendum to proposal: have track ready by friday, reevalutate next friday.

[22:21] <gregg> Proposal: Piwik instead of google analytics for web analytics on occupyboston.org?

[22:23] <Theresa> +1 for trac and +1 for re-evaluating in a week and+1 for piwik

[22:24] <farmerbob> -1 for trac (not adamant, just think it's not a good fit for logistics)

[22:23] <Theresa> yes consensus on both

[22:24] <brandon> MK|Home: we have consensous on both the piwik proposal, and the trac proposal, please enter that into the minutes

[22:24] <brandon> we'll reevaluate trac next friday

[22:25] <MK|Home> This might be the best meeting ever

[22:25] <brandon> siegfail|Logistics: we'll get somebody to work with you trac before monday

[22:25] <siegfail|Logistics> thanks

[22:25] <brandon> MK|Home: ^^ add to minutes

[22:25] <siegfail|Logistics> occupyrene (at) gmail

[22:26] <cykros> do we have a new calendar system being discussed at any point? or are we sticking with Google for that?

[22:26] <brandon> cykros: calendar can be tabled until next meeting

5. IRC Communication

[22:27] <brandon> 5) any other business to discuss?

[22:28] <leftyfb> but how can we get it so the camp is actually using these things? Twitter isn't updated nearly as often as it should be and IRC is almost never staffed from anyone at camp unless myself or my brother are there using the IRC laptop

[22:33] <siegfail|Logistics> Yes, yes. However, we're so busy keeping track of all the shit we do and it's hard to bring in new people and I'm too busy for a constant irc presence.

[22:33] <brandon> leftyfb: how about you and me take on the task of improving irc communication between groups?

[22:34] <cykros> I think if anything, it may be useful to use xmpp instead of irc for intergroup communication. some folks already have google talk, for instance, which runs on xmpp

[22:34] <farmerbob> leftyfb: hard to do sans computer.

[22:35] <brandon> anyway, my proposal stands, myself and leftyfb will take on the problem of getting communication with media and logistics in irc

[22:36] <MK|Home> +1 to brandon and amend request you bring the results to transparency

[22:36] <brandon> MK|Home that amendment can be accomodated


[22:27] <brandon> 6) next meeting time

[22:45] <brandon> Proposal: irc meeting Friday 2PM

Agenda Items: Calendar,

[22:48] <farmerbob> motion to adjourn

[22:48] <brandon> ok. meeting over I guess