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Meeting Times

  • Meetings have been set for 6pm Wednesdays, and Sunday night 9:30. The active times we have generally had public discussions are Monday nights at 7pm in the GA area and Friday nights at 7pm in the GA area.
  • meetings are held across Atlantic Avenue in the Federal Reserve Plaza. As it gets colder we will meet there then go somewhere else, such as South Station.
  • Ideas working group meeting notes (includes Notes from 11/4 Meeting)

Upcoming Public Discussions

  • Held in the GA area, unless otherwise specified
  • Topics set based on suggestions collected online vote here and on the whiteboard outside Media tent

Friday, 11 November 7-9 in the GA area

Note: this was going to happen Monday 7 November but there was a DubStep concert

Order of Events:

  • Explain goal of the evening: have everyone collectively generate a statement of Occupy Boston's values that can act as a guide of what to add to the Statement of Purpose
  • Why not focus on actions, demands, methods tonight? One of our goals in the Ideas group is to try to help grow a statement that all of Occupy Boston can get behind. One idea to do this is to start with VALUES.
  • Examples of switching actions, demands, methods and statements to VALUES:
    • "go after your congressman!" ->  value: accountability
    • "correct fundamental inequalities" -> value: fairness
    • "shouldn’t demonize conservatives because they disagree" -> value: inclusivity
  • We will have 3 parts of the meeting:

1. Overview of collected responses for the past few weeks to the question: "What are the values that we, as Occupy Boston, all share?" here are word clouds made from this collected information:


We will break out into groups and add change, and discuss this list. We will then come back to the larger group and report on small group break out discussions.

2. We will break out into new groups and decide on what values on this list do people feel should go into the Statement of Purpose. This could be any amount of values, but we are suggesting 2-5 for this first attempt. We will then come back to the larger group and report on small group break out discussions.

3. Lastly, we will split again into groups and see if we can write a sentence or two that expresses the values collaboratively decided in Step 2 into the Statement of Purpose. Groups can start:

  • with a BLANK piece of paper
  • a copy of the Statement of Purpose to edit, or
  • have an action question that they are answering: - What are the values, that we, as Occupy Boston Share? or: - What is the mission, that we, as Occupy Boston Share?

We will then come back to the larger group and report on small group Statements and edits. This will go a long way to adding to the Statement of Purpose

Followup We will post all of the Statements and notes from this meeting in a new page called Values Addendum to Statement of Purpose as well as post the proposed changes to the Occupy Boston Statement of Purpose on the site Wirite where the changes can continue to be worked on:


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