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This page is to guide people to the various WGs and actions that are associated with our "taking back the economy".

- [Public Banking Institute] meetings/plans. The Boston "chapter" of the national PBI is planning several strategic and tactical actions, around creating public banks. Recently reported actions, including meeting with the Governor about his recent memo asking the legislature to create a 50% private/public bank, and the draft response memo from activists. A "strategic plan" is being developed, modeled after "the Maryland plan", which centers around getting stakeholders involved. Alt currency, crowdfunding, and other proposals also being considered. See more about local Public Banking work.

- [Sustainable Economy Working Group]. This group has several actions associated with guiding our spending to socially, fiscally, and environmentally sustainable businesses. The first one will be a list of "rating agencies" that are listing companies that we may want to consider buying from. It will include a mapping application for mobile devices to help us "VOTE WITH OUR BUCKS" by showing us what "good businesses" are near where we are located. Discussions of future action include "Alternative Economics" workshops, actions to promote "community reinvestment banks" by large cash-rich organizations, actions to promote "divesture" of public monies from multi-national banks to local banks and credit unions, alternative measurements of corporate/government/social change success, etc.

- [Social Enterprise Working Group]. This group helps people start "social enterprises", which are enterprises that are "triple bottom line" sustainable. They include worker-collectives, worker-owned businesses, and for-profit enteprises that are socially sustainable. The group has vast resources for people that want to start sustainable businesses. Resources include lists of foundations and investors ready to help fund social enterprises. The first co-op to emerge from Occupy Boston is the [Sheba Green Cleaning Co-op]. Another co-op is in the works: "Good Food Catering".

- [Local Currency Working Group]. This group is discussing the possibility of starting a local currency, to help keep "value" local, and help local and regional businesses. Recent developments include studying the R-Credits concept and Berkshire Bucks, both from Western MA.

- [Banking Actions Working Group] This group is focused on "direct actions" to create public pressure on the banking industry to change.

Credit Union Research and Socially Responsible Investing Research

Occupy the Food Supply Chain

Occupy Supply Chain in general

[The concept of Unlimited Economic Growth is a cancer on society]

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[PBS covers "The New Economy"] pulling together many of the projects/concepts that Occupy the Economy is aiming for. A living sustainable economy...