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This group took some time off. Anyone that wants to revive it, write to The group still exists as a googlegroup mailing list. There was some great thinking... they'd meet again, if you feel like organizing a meeting.

The SPP working group is dedicated to discussing societal issues, determining their root causes, and responding with actionable proposals.

[Note: 'Ideas' is being moved within Strategy. Link: WG/Strategies/Ideas]

*DECISION REQUIRED! November 4: please go to the Discussion tab above.

Old wiki threads:discussions


      • Other Proposed Statements:

1. First Declaration 2. Human Rights 3. [Three Tier Framework For Discussion] 4. List of Demands Proposed by Brian W. and Socialist Alternative

Working Method

The established method is first to reach consensus within SPP, and then to invite collaboration from other working groups. Presentation and voting at the General Assembly is only attempted after broad collaboration. Note: The Google Group is transitioning onto the OccupyBoston[dot]org server. Please register with the wiki to participate now.

      • If you would like to post your Proposed Statement, feel free to add it to the list. If you can't figure out how to, leave it in the Discussion section and some one will create a linked page. Thanks.

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  • Read and contribute to this wiki (the "Join" link is in the top right).
    • Choose the Strategies, Proposals and Positions Working Group.
    • Note the "tabs" on each page. Left side: Page and Discussion about the page; Right side: Edit.
    • Practice editing a statement here. Also see the Sandbox.
  • Take an "Issues Survey", aiming to estimate the levels of support for proposals in general topics, created by Joshua Sager. (One submission per person)
    • View the Results (constantly updates)


These documents are active working pages containing proposed language about specific reform ideas or process changes that any of us wants to draft and discuss. Be aware that there may be several places where a topic is discussed, and that these documents belong to the group as a whole, not to any individual.

Please collaborate respectfully and feel free to add information or clarification on the topic page itself. Cite sources as often as possible! If you have specific expertise, make it known, but don't think you need to be an authority to participate. Anecdotal information may be helpful, too. Try not to destroy existing information, but, if some information is deleted, remember that the history of page's changes can be viewed through the wiki editing tools.

Use the Discussion tab of a page for general comments, opinions or explanations of controversy.

Consider exchanging a few private messages with someone if that might help resolve direct misunderstandings or differences in approach.

If we can learn to use built-in wiki tools to track pages, our discussions can be much more efficient. SPP would benefit from the creation of a 'general' discussion page, and perhaps a number of other 'functional' pages to create a sort of discussion/navigation tree.

Political Reform

Economic Regulation

Tax Reform

Election Reform


SPP Human Needs/Rights

Background Reading/Reference Docs for Human Needs/Rights

International Relations

Sovereignty and Law

  • Proportional Representation
  • War on Drugs
  • Third World Debt
  • Foreign Aid
    • how it contributes to regional conflict
    • food/medical service distro and contribution to deprivation / violent corruption
  • Prison-industrial Complex

Reducing the Cost of Government

Healthcare Reform


Individual Action


Currently, Ideas and SPP are separate, with Ideas focusing on the facilitation of dialogue, development of ideas, and seeding of working groups/autonomous action. SPP has been focusing more on the statement of purpose and the nuts and bolts of bringing proposals to fruition, though its official role is still to be determined.

Based on: Strategies, Proposals, Positions at wikispaces