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Working groups are teams of people within the Occupation, each focused on a particular area or task. These groups are the organs supporting the body of the Occupation. Within them you will find resources, discussions, and courses of action in every field.

Working groups are open, which means anyone can help out, including you! Like the Occupation as a whole, working groups are run as horizontal democracies, using consensus decision-making and holding publically accessible meetings. To join or volunteer with a working group, see its wiki page for contact information and meeting times.

To join the email list for any of these groups, to get announcements and/or participate in discussion, please go to the workgroup signup page.

Instructions for starting a working group

To put a link to your working group on this list, copy and paste this text on the bottom of your page: "[[Category:Working groups]]". The wiki software will do the rest. (For category help, see Help:Categories.)